Gathering Graces 7/15/2017

*Happy Birthday to my middle daughter Zoe who is 23 years old today!!
*I headed over this morning to see Mom.  She was sitting up, and stayed up until Kellee Crall Mills came to see her.  Kellee, Mom and I visited for a while, but then she got a little tired.  So I called someone to help Mom get into bed to rest.  Christy arrived soon, and Kellee left.  Christy left for work, and I stayed with Mom until Paul came to sit with her so I could go to the store and get things ready for Zoe’s birthday dinner tonight.  It really meant a lot to have Kellee come over and spend some time with Mom.  Mom really enjoyed it.
*Paul came home and Zoe went and stayed with Mom.  Meanwhile, Molly arrived at home, too. 
*For her birthday dinner, Zoe wanted Chocolate Zucchini Cake for dessert, and Beef Kabobs for dinner.  We also had grilled vegetables, skewered potatoes and fruit salad. 
*Christy and Everet joined us for dinner in our backyard.  It was really nice to have dinner out under the Tri-Color Beech Tree.  It was Everett and my birthday earlier in the month, so Everett opened a present from us, and I opened a present from Molly.  Zoe then opened her presents. 

Happy Birthday to You Zoe!!

*I was in bed by about 8:30 a.m. tonight!!

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