Gathering Graces 7/26/2017

*My legs felt better this morning.  I can tell they are getting stronger as we walk through our beautiful town.
*I did not work at Sierra Silver today, so I was able to spend more time with Mom.
*Shortly after I arrived at Kindred, I took Mom outside in the back courtyard area.  I pushed her around and we looked at the many apple trees and also found a pear tree.  We also looked at the flowers and vegetables and berries growing.  We stopped long enough for Mom to pick a few raspberries to eat.  Then I parked Mom under the covered patio area and we visited about flowers and gardening and many other things.
*After we went inside, Liz, her CNA from Hospice came for a visit, and visited a while.  She had just been a part of a wedding over the weekend, so she was asking Mom about her wedding, and it was fun to hear Mom recall events from her wedding day.  One thing that stood out to her were the steps you had to go down to the reception area in the basement of the church, and how that was hard for some people to do.
*After Bill arrived, I left and went home and did some work on my other job, Gear Up.  I have one more year left on this job, and I have to complete my plan for next year and submit it to my directors in Boise, and this is causing me a bit of anxiety, because I have not completed this yet.  My goal is by the end of Friday, it will be completed.
*Paul, Sadie and I arrived around dinner time to spend the evening with Mom.  She ate pretty well, then was ready to do some picking up and cleaning in her room.  She put things in drawers, and tidied up a bit.  I asked if she wanted to go out front and sit in the gazebo, but she would have none of that!!  She wanted to stay in her room.  At 7 p.m., Jeopardy came on, and this used to be one of Mom’s favorite shows to watch, but she hadn’t watched it in a while.  But tonight was different.  She sat and watched Jeopardy, (I couldn’t believe Jeopardy could devote a whole category to English Muffins, but they did tonight), then watched Wheel of Fortune, then was ready to have someone come and put her to bed.  It was nice that Mom had a good full day today.
*I had just finished Fannie Flagg’s book I Still Dream About You, and was now looking for a new book to begin.  I went into my office and looked on the shelves, but couldn’t find anything.  Then I opened the doors in the hallway, and there was the perfect book to start, one I try and read every few years, All the President’s Men

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