Gathering Graces 7/6/2017

*This morning started out quietly on the cool portico reading scriptures, praying and enjoying some beautiful quiet time at lovely Villa Magnolia.
*Later I was joined by Tina, Kellee and April and we had a nice morning visiting, then decided it was time to go explore the Barbarasco community.
*We walked through the village taking photographs and exploring the lovely little community.
*About a block from Villa Magnolia is a small little market that we went in and checked out.
Small market down from Villa Magnolia
*Down the road was a little cafe that we stopped in and had some caffe and Coke on ice. Some gentlemen were enjoying some lunch and drinks before going back to work.  Here Tina is toasting with them.
Tina and two men toasting during their lunch break.

*So much beauty in this country and in this little village.
Three buildings along the road

I love this house color


* Toward the end of the walk, Kellee and I were lagging a bit behind and all of a sudden a car came by, with a woman waving at us.  We could not think who it could be, since the only people in town that we know are April and Eric. It ended up being a woman April knew in the village from Facebook, and she recognized Kellee and I from the Facebook photos.  Her name is Lucia, and we met her and her daughter Anna, who could speak English.  It was fun meeting them.

Kellee, Me and Lucia


*When we got back to the Villa we relaxed a bit, then Kellee and I went up the road to the village of Tresana to April’s friend Ivana’s house (which is also a bed and breakfast, Il Tempo del Vento, and her husband is Alan Balzano, the Italian Chef from last week who fixed the Italian meal) to receive a massage session for Kellee and a Reflexology session for me.
* During my reflexology session, Ivana told me some things about myself that I totally agreed with, and, when she was done at the end she shared many things with me that I was thinking about while she was working on my feet.  One important thing...flexibility.
*When we arrived back to Villa Magnolia, Eric barbequed some hamburgers for us, and it was very delicious.  He also purchased some chocolate croissants for dessert.

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