Gathering Graces 7/2/2017

*Today we went back to the sea and experienced another day of beautiful scenery and views.
*One of Eric and April’s favorite villages they have visited is Tellaro, so they wanted to share their special place with us today.  It did not dissapoint.
*We actually visited three villages, Fiacherino, Tellaro and Lerici.  I got my first glimpse of the Bay of Poets while walking through Fiacherino.
Bay of Poets
*Then we arrived in Tellaro.  We stopped for a cold drink and then strolled out way down through the streets to the water.  There were lots of narrow passages to explore, and, again, the vistas were beautiful and the buildings so colorful.
One of the views from Tellaro.
*We enjoyed lunch in Tellaro at one of the sidewalk restaurants, and I had a dish called Tagliolini allo Scoglio...Seafood Tagliolini.  It was delicious.
Tagliolini allo Scoglio...ate at Ristorante La Gritta.
  • While we were down by the water, I got my feet wet in the water.  I really wish I would have brought my swimming suit.  How refreshing it would have been to take a dip in the beautiful blue waters.
*After lunch we went to the third village, Lerici.  This had a beautiful marina and a wonderful plaza full of restaurants and shops. 

*While we were heading back to our car, Kellee stopped to take a photograph and met Mario, who wanted his photograph taken.  We walked along with Mario for a while, talking about America, singing That’s Amore and My Way with him.  He referred to himself as Pizza Mario, because he made pizza in one of the local pizzerias.  It was a very delightful encounter.
*One of the things I read about Tellaro is that some experts believe it is the most beautiful Italian village.  The Bay of Poets is so named because poets lived on the bay, such as D.H. Lawrence, Percy Shelley and Lord Byron.
*We had a late dinner, and headed to bed early.  We were all very tired.  So many wonderful memories from a beautiful part of the world.

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