Gathering Graces 7/18/2017

*I went over and sat with Mom in her room this morning.  It is so nice to have a quiet, peaceful space to be in.  She was dressed but in bed resting, so I sat with her until I had to leave for work.
*I headed to Wallace to work at the Sierra Silver Mine Tour today.  (Yes, I did remember I worked today!!)  It was a pleasant day seeing tourists all day.  One lady in particular stood out.  She was a woman from Oregon who was retired, and was traveling around this summer, and landed in Wallace for a few days.  She had been to Ireland this summer, and she showed us a beautiful Celtic Knot tattoo she received while in Ireland.  She talked about her bucket list, and the things she wants to do on that bucket list.  What an inspiration she was!!
*After I left work I went to Kindred to see Mom again.  Zoe had been with her most of the afternoon.  I arrived just in time for ice cream!!  (Tuesday night is ice cream night at Kindred).  Mom now has a “smart tv” in her room that connects to the internet.  Zoe found Pandora, I put in my account information, and before long we were listening to “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and “In the Mood” in Mom’s room.
*Christy arrived and Zoe and I went to get some dinner at Sam’s.  After we ate we went to Mom’s house so Zoe could water and I harvested some radishes and a cucumber from her garden, and Zoe will take them to Mom tomorrow so she can enjoy some fresh veggies from her garden. 

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