Gathering Graces 7/29/2017

*After being in Italy for a few weeks, and being spoiled with drinking an espresso coffee drink every day, I felt the need to dig out our espresso maker from the bottom kitchen cupboard that has been stored there for I don’t know how long and start using it.  This morning Paul and I enjoyed an espresso shot in our morning cup of coffee.  The night before we each had a shot of espresso sweetened with sugar, just like they do in Italy.  Delizioso!!
*Mom was in her wheelchair this morning eating breakfast when I arrived.  She was enjoying her mandarin oranges.  We visited for a while, then I was off to work.
*Today was my first doing “going solo” at the mine tour office this summer.  And thank goodness, it went just fine.  The trolley driver Steve was there to help me out if needed.  I did charge one family twice on their credit card, but caught my mistake, and corrected it when they returned from their tour. 
*I was wearing my James Taylor t-shirt from last summer’s concert, and a gentleman (probably in his early sixties) asked me where I saw him in concert, and I told him in Spokane last summer.  It brought back such fond memories of that concert that Paul, Kellee and I attended.  As I usually do, I asked this man where he was from.  He said he and his wife lived in Mullan and were missionaries with the LDS church, and had been for the past six months or so.  His children and grandchildren were here visiting from Utah, and they were having fun enjoying what the Silver Valley had to offer!
*Paul picked me up from work, and I got home and threw together a raspberry, apple and huckleberry crisp to take to our family dinner tonight.  Then I went to spend some time with Mom.  She was pretty sleepy, but I did manage to get her to drink about half of her milkshake.  Then she started to get uncomfortable in her wheelchair, so I pushed her button to have some aides come and get her ready for bed.  I stayed while she they got her ready for bed, and then kissed her and told her goodnight.  “I love you, Mom.”  She replied, “I love you.”  
*It was a joy to get a call from my youngest daughter Cosette while I was sitting with Mom.  We hadn’t talked for a while, so it was nice to get caught up, and I look forward to seeing her when she comes to Kellogg in about a week.
*We had a wonderful dinner at Christy and Everett’s house, and I finally got to see my sister-in-law Debbie, who is here from Maryland.  Christy made stuffed zucchini in the crockpot, wilted lettuce salad and cucumbers in sour cream.  It was a wonderful summer meal.
*Molly and Travis arrived Friday night, and brought with them another grand fur baby, a new bunny named Booker.  So right now at our house, we have Sadie the Pomeranian, two cats of our own, Toby and Benjamin, Clark the cat, who belongs to Molly and Travis, two rabbits, Dumblebunz and Booker, and a toad that lives in the window well outside Molly’s old bedroom window. 
*Yesterday in my Gathering Graces post, I shared what I am going through regarding my grief and depression regarding Mom.  I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, support, encouragement and kind words I received from people throughout the day.  I was so touched, and know there are many people who understand and are there to help.  Thank you to all of you who responded.

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