Gathering Graces 7/19/2017

*Happy Anniversary to me!!  Thirty-one years ago, Paul and I were married right here in Kellogg, Idaho.
*We were talking about our wedding, and Paul made a comment about not remembering the cake.  So I went and got our wedding albums and we did a little reminiscing about our wedding and honeymoon.  Our cake was made by Pinehurst Elementary secretary Sarah Thompson Mason.  I remember she had made the cake for my friend Libby when she was married, and I always loved the cake, so I had her make mine as well. 
*I had purchased Paul and I sweatshirts in Pisa, so I gave him his sweatshirt  and he also got a huge Toblerone candy bar that said “Missed You” on it.  I found that duty free gem in the Munich Airport.

Pisa sweatshirts for our anniversary!
*I went over and spent some time with Mom before Paul drove me to work.  She was up in her wheelchair, in her pajamas, looking out the window.  (Can I say again how much I LOVE that she has this room!!!)  She didn’t have compression socks on, so I took some of her ointment she likes and put it on her legs and feet and put her compression socks on.  Then I put some ointment on her arms and back as well.  She had told Zoe her back gets itchy, so that seemed to feel really good to her.  Two aides came in and dressed her for the day, and after she was dressed, I departed for work.
*It was nice and steady at work today.  In the afternoon, we had a tour bus group of senior citizens join us for some tours, and I had enjoyable conversation with a gentleman who invited me to come and visit his beautiful state of Nebraska, saying Nebraska often gets a bad reputation for being not very beautiful, but the part he lives in is very beautiful.  I hope to take him up on the offer some day.
*I sent Paul 31 text messages throughout the day to help celebrate our 31 years together. 
*Paul picked me up from work and we went to City Limits in Wallace for dinner.  Thank you Julie Hanson for the gift card, so we could enjoy a nice anniversary dinner!!  It was fun getting hugs from Erin Nansel and also visiting with John Turner.  Thanks John for letting me know you read my blog posts every day and you enjoy them!!
*We went home and joined Zoe on the patio, and enjoyed a bottle of Koos*Koos*Kia wine from Colter’s Creek winery in Julietta.  I had been saving this for a special occasion, and celebrating our anniversary seemed pretty special to me!!
*The reminiscing about our wedding continued as we thought about songs sung at our wedding.  One song was Doubly Good To You that Paul had me play on my Kindle.  That led to another song Not To Us, and then we had an evening of listening to Contemporary Christian music from the 1980’s.  Boy did some of these songs take us back.  It even reminded Paul that he was in a Christian group with two other guys when we lived in Glendive, called “Crossroads”.  Neither of us had thought of that for a long time.
*Another song we thought of was O Sifuni Mungu.  Hey Kerry O'Connor Burman, Amy Keil Welty, Paula Schlepp Frank, Jen Hawkinson....do you remember our puppet show to this song with those big cool puppets they had at church?  Such a great memory!
*I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate today. 

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