Gathering Graces 7/1/2017

*Since Tina Marshall in no longer a retreat participant, she gets to cook again, so she made us some wonderful pancakes for breakfast this morning.  Yum!
*Eric drove us to Aulla to attend the Saturday market again.  It was again fun to stroll along and look at what the vendors were selling.  I was tempted to buy the Canadian Mountie Barbie I saw for sale, but did not give in to temptation!
*We came home and had a relaxing lunch on the portico, and I went upstairs to do some work on the computer.  I kept nodding off to sleep while at the computer, so I decided it was nap time.  I took a nice nap.  Late nights, early mornings and afternoon naps seems to be my new schedule here at Villa Magnolia.
*I woke up and it was time to prepare dinner.  There was one dish I did not have a chance to prepare last week during the retreat because of our abundance of leftovers, so I prepared it tonight.  It was called Sausage Pasta With Four Cheeses.  The sauce was colorful while simmering in the pan, and the end result was delicious!!
The simmering sauce for the Sausage Pasta and Four Cheeses recipe

Dinner is served
*I had my first video chat through Facebook with Paul and Zoe.  I also caught some glimpses of Zoe’s friend Jason, Molly, Travis, and their friend Jimmy.  And our dog Sadie and Clark the Cat.  It was so fun visiting with them and seeing some things around the house.  I hope to do it again soon.
*Before April and Eric bought Villa Magnolia, they were sent some videos of what the house looked like.  They showed us those videos tonight.  Once you see the videos, you really understand the absolutely incredible transformation they have made on Villa Magnolia.  And all by themselves.  No contractors.  No carpenters.  Just the two of them working hard almost every single day for the last eight months to bring this house back to life.
*In the wee hours of the morning, Kellee and I decided it was time to learn how to do a Snap Story on Snapchat.  What better way to have fun at 1 a.m. than making your face look goofy, changing your voice, and singing Sweet Caroline, and sending it to your daughters.  I hope they all appreciated it!
*I am sending a special congratulations to Jessie Margason on becoming Mrs. Jesse Lambert today.  Congratulations Jessie and Jesse, and I pray many blessed years ahead for both of you.  Mamma Roberts is sending you lots of amore from Italy!!  I hope Paul and Cosette were able to give you a big hug from me!!  Complimenti!
Una vecchia benedizione italiana di nozze
Il pane è in modo che non si possa mai sapere la fame.
Il sale è così che avrai sempre sapore.
Il vino è così che avrai sempre qualcosa da festeggiare.

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