Gathering Graces 7/10/2017

*I slept in today, which felt really good.  It was a quiet day at Villa Magnolia as we prepared to pack up to go home.
*In the midst of my packing, the lights went out in our bedroom.  Eric was working on something (of course) and it cause some of the power to go out in the Villa.  He quickly had the power restored.
*For our last meal at Villa Magnolia, Kellee fixed her famous potato salad, and Tina created the inside for the chicken pot pie.  I made the pie crust. 
*Right before it was time to eat, my heel started hurting on my left foot.  I could hardly walk.  I think part of the problem was not wearing shoes throughout the day.  My feet need the support of shoes.  So I limped around the rest of the evening, and hoped and prayed I would be able to walk the next day.
*After dinner I was looking at purchasing tickets to the  Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence where the stature of Michelangelo’s David is located.  Almost everyplace I looked, the tickets were sold out for the next day.  I finally found a site that had 6 available tickets at noon.  So we purchased the tickets and then found out we wouldn’t know until morning if we actually had tickets or not.  We were hoping for the best.
*I finished packing my suitcases and got to bed early in anticipation of our early departure to Florence the next day.  My last night at Villa Magnolia.  I hope my foots is better in the morning!!

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