Gathering Graces 7/25/2017

*Day two of walking in the morning.  I seemed to be a little slower.  The heel on my left foot that gave me some trouble in Italy was a little tender this morning, but not bad.  As long as I have supportive shoes on, it seems to be okay. 
*When I arrived in Mom’s room, she was up and ready for the day.  I stayed and visited with her for a while before Paul came and picked me up to take me to work.
*Work at the Sierra Silver Mine Tour was busy today.  In the afternoon we had a tour bus come in for tours. I almost messed it up because I didn’t mark down the correct times the groups would be touring.  But it all worked out.  It was a crazy couple of hours, but we all survived!!
*I had a conversation with one of the ladies from the tour bus.  She was from Connecticut.  She told me she was sorry, but she was not that impressed with our mountains here in Wallace.  She preferred the majestic Rocky Mountains around Lake Louise and Banff in Alberta, Canada.  I am the total opposite.  Yes, I believe the Rocky Mountains are beautiful, but I love our Bitterroot Mountain Range here in the Silver Valley.  I remember when we lived in Glendive, Montana, and would drive over the state of Montana, and we would arrive in a certain part of western Montana, where the valley would narrow and the mountains would be on either side, and I knew I was getting close to home.  The Rocky Mountains of Montana and Canada are majestic and beautiful, but give me my enclosed mountain valley any day.  To me, that is home.

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