Gathering Graces 6/28/2017

*Today it was a joy chopping up and putting together ingredients for Minestrone Soup.  And it turned out so well.  What a delicious soup.  I love cooking meals here at Villa Magnolia.
*Kellee and I got a break from cooking tonight because Alan Balzano came to Villa Magnolia to prepare a meal for us.  He, along with his wife Ivana, are friends of Eric and April, and has a dream of owning his own restaurant.  If tonight was any indication of his cooking abilities, he is well on his way to fulfilling his dream.
*After he got organized in the kitchen, he said it would be okay if we came in and watched him prepare the meal.  Eventually Kellee and I started talking with him, and all three of us made good use of Google Translate to communicate with one another.
*The meal started out with some Italian meats, a herb torte, and an egg dish.
*The next course was Chestnut Noodles with leeks and speck (a kind of Italian ham.)
*Roasted pork and roasted potatoes were served next.
*The meal was topped off with a fig pie.  It was all very delicious, and what an experience to eat this way, and watch how the food is made.  Alan joined us for dinner at the table as well. and we are all overjoyed to have made new friends.

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