Gathering Graces 7/21/2017

*Spent some time with Mom this morning.   I had brought my computer, so I showed her some photos from my trip to Italy.  Before I left for the morning, she was resting in bed.
*I went to the store to do a little grocery shopping.  I experienced a bit of a traffic jam in Kellogg.  If you have never been to our little town, sometimes the Yokes grocery store has a semi truck back into their back door area to deliver freight, and it stops traffic for a few minutes.  Well, this particular truck driver had to take a few tries to back into the door.  Mr. Impatient Guy, a few cars ahead of me, gets out of his car, puffing on his cigarette and you could tell he had been “quite inconvenienced”.  Please...give me a break.  We had to sit there maybe five minutes at the most.  Nothing to get all exasperated about.  Mr. Impatient Guy jumped back in his car, roared down Hill Street, and headed for the Interstate.  I hope Mr. Impatient Guy takes time to stop and smell the roses today.
*I shopped at both Kellogg grocery stores today.  I started out at Stein’s.  The road work they are doing around Kellogg has reached the corner of Cameron and Hill Street, and the road in front of Steins is all torn up with crews working on the sewer project.  So then drivers think the Stein’s parking lot is the Indy 500, as the roar through the parking lot to take the back road of Brown Avenue to get where they need to go.
*Taking the wrong way through Kellogg’s streets can prove to be a bit dicey.  Usually when I go see Mom at Kindred I take a right out of our subdivision and go around past Kellogg Middle School, over the river, then down Cameron Avenue.  The road work is beyond Kindred now.  Well, one day I made a mistake and took a left.  Trying to navigate back on the Sunnyside area streets is a little scary.  You go down one street, big front loaders are coming your way.  You detour down another street, and you wonder, “Am I even suppose to be on this street?”  Well, I made it through the maze of road work to Kindred that day, but will never make the mistake of turning left out of my subdivision to see Mom again.
*Zoe had been having trouble with air conditioning in her car, and Paul has become the master of watching YouTube videos to figure out how to do things, and it has been very successful.  Today, the part he ordered to fix Zoe’s air conditioning problem arrived, and he crawled under the dash of her car to fix the problem.  I had been taking a short nap, when all of a sudden Zoe comes bursting into my room with a big smile on her face, saying, “He did it!!  Dad fixed the air conditioning.  I turned it on and it works!!”  She was very excited, because she is driving back to her home in Caldwell tomorrow, and the air conditioning will make the trip much more pleasant. 
*Paul and I started dinner preparations for our small dinner party we were having this evening.  Earlier in the week I had received a text from my wonderful friend Stephanie Bauman Broaddus, saying she would be in town and if we could get together.  We decided Friday night would work for dinner and a BBQ.  Her daughter Jenna would be joining us, and another daughter Jamie would be driving over from Glendive, Montana that day, and would be coming as well.  The next day I received a message from my sister-in-law Laurie, saying her and Tammy McMorrow would be in town, and if they could come over and visit Friday night.  So, all of a sudden, Paul, Zoe and I are hosting a wonderful summer bbq with five very wonderful guests.  We fixed barbecued chicken, grilled veggies, green salad and fruit salad.  Stephanie brought some Italian bread and a couple of pies.  We had some wonderful visiting time, with Tammy, Jamie and I talking about our travels to Italy, Stephanie sharing about her time on her recent cruise to Northern Europe, and Jenna had just returned from a trip to Washington D.C., which she loved.  
*After Paul, Laurie and Tammy returned from a three mile run, we moved our chairs over to the fire pit, and enjoyed a wonderful fire and more spirited conversation.  I went and got the marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers, and some of us roasted marshmallows and made smores.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect summer evening.

Check out Tammy's book on Amazon.com.
*Tammy has recently published a book called Gatekeepers: Let’s Talk About Teaching.  Here is a description of the book from Amazon.... In Gatekeepers, Tammy McMorrow recognizes that teachers live in a world of deafening voices that bombard their profession with opinions, traditions, and mandates. Yet she beckons teachers to be sentinels at the doors of their classrooms — to stand watch and protect their students from any method or practice that could prove harmful. Tammy combines the research of several distinguished educational pioneers with over twenty years of her own classroom experience to question the status quo. The varied topics in this book challenge teachers of all grade levels to critically think about how they teach students’ hearts and minds. She invites her readers to join this important conversation and guard the gate. She invites them to be gatekeepers. Stephanie and I both purchased a few copies, and I look forward to reading it.  If it sounds like something you think you may want to read, look for it on Amazon.com.

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