Gathering Graces 7/27/2017

*For some reason I forgot to turn my alarm on the night before, and I woke up too late to go walking with Nikki.  But I did hear a dog barking when I woke up.  I knew it wasn’t Sadie, because she was in the bedroom with me.  I ventured out to the front door, and discovered there was a dog barking on the front porch.  Paul had had a restless night’s sleep, and was on the couch in the living room, and said the dog had been there since about 4:30 a.m., barking off and on the last hour and a half.  I said we needed to bring the dog in.  Once in, we discovered it had a rabies tag with the number to the Silver Valley Vet office on it, so we would wait until about 8 a.m to call to find out who the dog belonged to.
*The dog was about Sadie sized.  She was a real cutie, and Sadie was good with her, as were the cats, and she just wandered around the house.  Close to 8 a.m., Paul called the vet clinic, and we discovered the dog belonged to a friend on Bunker Ave.  So I called her up, and she was in my driveway before I got off the phone with her.  We were glad to reunite Raja with her owner.

*My time spent with Mom today was really good.  We had a good morning.  After they came and had her shower, we went outside for a walk in the back courtyard area, and looked at the fruit trees and flowers.  Then she was ready to go back inside, just before Christy arrived.  Later, Paul and I returned around dinner time, and Mom ate some dinner, and we visited about one of Mom’s lifelong friends, Jody Robinson and her family.  Then Mom was ready to go, and started propelling herself with her own foot power out her room door.  I had to stop her a moment to switch oxygen, but then she proceeded to make a loop around the Kindred facility without hardly any help from me at all.  She was a women on a mission!  After it was all done, I said I should have been singing the theme from Rocky.  Mom has never moved her wheelchair on her own whenever I have been with her, so it was fun to see her have so much drive and energy to complete this task.  When she returned to her room, she was ready to get in her pajamas and get in bed.
*It is amazing when you go on a trip, all of a sudden you are meeting people who are planning to visit the same place.  Earlier today, a friend called wanting contact information for April, because she and some friends are planning a trip to Italy.  Then I ran into some other people I know in Yokes, and they are planning a trip to Italy soon, and they asked me about where I visited, and what their plans are when they visit.  I enjoy sharing with people about my trip.  I love that I can share information on Facebook, but sometimes when you share so much about a trip, I think people think they know everything you did, so you don’t get asked as much about your trip experiences.  That is unfortunate.  Because there is often so much more that happened on a trip than you share through photos.  (Or maybe I am deluding myself, and maybe people don’t really care to hear about my trip.  I guess that may be true, too.)
*Paul and I bought items at Yokes to make BLT sandwiches.  I hadn’t had one this summer, and it sounded really good.  Unfortunately I don’t have any of my own ripe tomatoes to put on the sandwiches, but the lettuce was ours, and it tasted great, even with the store bought tomatoes!! 
*Some things in my garden are not producing as well as I had hoped, but one vegetable I never seem to have trouble growing is string beans.  I spent some time last night picking about half a colander full of the beans.  I plan to cook them with some of the bacon I purchased and have them for dinner tomorrow.  Yum!!

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