Gathering Graces 4/30/2017

*The morning started with a call from Christy saying Mom had fallen and needed some help up.  Paul and I went to her house, and were able to get her up and get her breakfast, and do a few others things to get Mom started on her day.
*I stopped by to check on Mom before heading to Moscow to the KINO Short Film Festival that Cosette had a short film entered in.  Mom needed a new band aid on her finger, but, other than that, things were looking good.
*We arrived in Moscow, and went and picked up Molly and Travis, and headed to the Kenworthy Theater in downtown Moscow to watch the films in the festival.  The lovely Sidnee Grubb, Coco’s best friend, made her way over from Spokane to watch as well.  She attends Gonzaga University. Always a joy to see Sidnee, even if for a very short time.  It was also fun to see KHS graduate Matt Frasier was an actor in one of the films.  He did a really good job portraying a heroin addict who was delusional. There was a wide variety of films from comedy, experimental, drama, documentary, thriller and horror.  Coco submitted a horror film named Did You Hear?   I am glad were able to go and see all the talented film makers from U of I and the Northwest.  If you are in Moscow, you can see them again tonight at 7 p.m.
*After the festival we went to Red Bento to eat, and Coco’s friend Byron, who was the cameraman for her film, joined us for dinner.  It was nice visiting with  him, and getting to know him a little better.
*We left Moscow, and I usually put my cell phone in Airplane mode to save the data and battery, so my phone was off most of the trip home.  As we were pulling into Kellogg, Paul received a call from Mom’s Medical Alert company saying she had fallen.  So we headed to Mom’s house, and the EMTs were already there assisting her.  They had some concerns so they took her to the hospital in the ambulance.  Christy and I followed, and Paul joined us in the ER later.  Mom will stay in the hospital under observation for a least a day, maybe more, as it is determined why she is dealing with some health issues.  While in the E.R., I was amazed at Mom’s alertness, and stamina while waiting to be transferred into a hospital room.   She seemed to have to aches or pains as a result of her falls today, but hopefully some time in the hospital will give us some answers.  Keep her in your prayers.

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