Gathering Graces 5/2/2017

*Got Mom going for the day and headed home when Christy came over to spend the day with Mom.  As she headed out to run some errands, brother-in-law Everett came and stayed with Mom. 
*Headed to work.
*My friend Tammy Haynes Nusz was recently in a car accident and is immobile in her bed at home from a back injury. I took her dinner today, and what an inspiration she is as she shared about her accident, and how blessed she was, despite her back injury, because it could have been much worse.  She has such a good attitude, and it was a joy visiting with her.  Tammy is one of these people who is always helping others, so it was nice to bless and help her for a change.  For many years she was my go-to parent that helped chaperone many of my college visits, because both of her daughters have been in the GEAR UP program.
*We had our cast party and watched the video from the Drama program from last week at Pinehurst Elementary.  It was fun to see the kids one more time, and I enjoyed watching the video with them.  We also enjoyed popcorn and juice boxes.
*I took Mom, Paul and I dinner of Macaroni and Cheese, Top Ramen Cabbage Salad and stuffed mini peppers.  Then Paul stayed with Mom as Christy and I went to a meeting.
*I came back to Mom’s house and gathered up food and Sadie and left Paul with Mom as he waited for Christy to arrive to stay with Mom for the night.
*At home, I relaxed a bit, reflected on the grace that filled my day as I read and heard comments of love, encouragement and prayers from friends, family and coworkers.  I also continued listening to the book The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, then headed to bed.

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