Gathering Graces 5/7/2017

  • I am getting back into the routine of going over to be with Mom in the morning, to weigh her on her own scales, do her blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels.  I was encouraged by yesterday’s readings.  Mom also was ready to get dressed, so we did that, too.  Bill called while I was there, which Mom always enjoys. 
  • What a lovely church service this morning.  I had missed last two Sundays, so I enjoyed being there and helping lead worship, and enjoying the Spirit I felt in that place.
  • Paul and I went home and he got ready for his trip to Boise.  He is going for a two day training for Driver’s Education.  He will get to stay with his parents while he is there, which I know he is really looking forward to.
  • Dealing with aging parents is tough.  Right now I am one of four of my close friends who are dealing with some really serious issues with one of their parents.  It is hard enough when you are in close proximity to the parent.  It is another to give comfort to a friend who is across the world in another country.  Yesterday Kellee Crall Mills and I received a message in the afternoon from our friend April M Lee.  She had received a message from her dad Jimmie Vergobbi’s Lifeline that he had requested the EMT’s to come.  April finally got through to her dad at Shoshone Medical Center.  He had fallen in his yard, and his leg didn’t feel right so he pushed his “button”. Later I received a text from April’s sister Cathy saying Jim had fractured his hip, and would be transferred to Coeur d’Alene for surgery.  Please keep Jim and his family in your prayers. 
  • Daughter Zoe called in the afternoon.  She had arrived at the airport early to pick her dad up, so she called and we had a nice visit about many things, and her coming home this summer, and what she will be doing while she is here.
  • I went over late afternoon to see Mom, and she was just finishing dinner, so we got her jacket on, put her in her wheelchair, and we went exploring around the grounds outside, since the sun was shining and the weather pleasant.  It was so nice to get Mom outside, and we sat outside for almost an hour visiting and enjoying the sunshine!!
  • My passport arrived, and now things are getting even more real as I prepare to travel to Italy this summer.  I have started doing some research on international travel to get myself prepared!!

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