Gathering Graces 5/16/2017

*I woke up with a winter weather advisory on my phone.  I wondered if my weather app had some malfunction.  Quite a rainy day today, but, on the positive side, our yard looks green, lush and beautiful.
*Today was my last day in the classroom with seniors.  Another chance to make sure they are signed up for their college classes, or have their financial aid taken care of, or the myriad of others things they need to do to get ready for college and life beyond high school.
*This morning I attended a “Care Meeting” for Mom at Kindred.  Mom, Christy and I were there with the heads of the different departments so they could explain Mom’s care and the goals of departments.  It was a really good meeting.  Mom will be staying at Kindred for the time being, as that is what had been determined is best by medical professionals, Mom and our family.
*I am realizing that with Mom’s health, she doesn’t need 24 hour supervision.  She needs 24 hour medical care.  And that is what she is now receiving.
*I was talking to a co-worker about why it is, when we need to be at our best for a loved one, our health and well being are put on the back burner?  I feel like in the last few weeks I have not walked consistently, I have eaten crappy food, and have not taken time to take care of myself.  I think this is pretty typical.  I hope to change that soon.  I think as I adapt to the new routine of Mom being at Kindred, things will improve.

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