Gathering Graces 5/3/2017

*I headed over to Mom’s this morning to help Christy with the start of Mom’s day.
*At work, I prepared for my final review for my Gear Up program, which will happen on Thursday at noon.
*Later in the morning, I came back to Mom’s house to be a part of a meeting with Mom, Christy and Brenda, a nurse from Loving Care and More to go over options for Mom’s 24 hour care.  We came to the conclusion that the best course to take at the moment would be taking Mom across the street from her house to Kindred Nursing Home and Rehabilitation--Mountain Valley for a few weeks of rehabilitation to get her stronger through daily physical therapy so she is stronger when she is at home.  She will be moving in on Thursday.  Bill, Christy, Mom and I all agreed this is the best course for her health and care at this point.
*I was providing a program at our PEO meeting tonight with the title Happiness is....Music.  I took the song Happiness Is from the musical You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown and changed the words to things that brought our PEO members happiness, then I sang it as part of the program.  It was a fun diversion from the day’s events to create that song.
*I picked up Christy, Dawn and Betty and we drove out to Carolyn Gibbs house on Rose Lake for the meeting.  What a beautiful drive.  It was a nice evening, and I enjoyed visiting with Sherri Rewoldt, who I hadn’t seen for a long time.  She shared with me about training her dogs with agility training, and it was so interesting!!
*When I got back to Mom’s to relieve Paul and stay the night, Mom was already in bed.  So I got ready for bed, too.

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