Gathering Graces 5/1/2017

*After a late night at the hospital with Mom, I stayed home from work.  I slept in, and got some things done at home.  I went and saw Mom after lunch.  I found out she would be coming home this evening, but the doctors now want her with 24 hour care.
*Some fun and exciting news today.  Tickets are purchased for my friend Kellee and I to go to Italy this summer to help our friend April with her retreat, and then spend a few extra weeks enjoying her new home and country.  We are beyond excited to go!!
*We are keeping our brother Bill updated throughout the day on Mom and how she is doing.  Technology is nice for things like that.
*Paul, Christy and I went and got Mom discharged from the hospital around 7 p.m.  Christy and I sat down once we got home to figure out a schedule so someone can be with her 24 hours a day until we get some home health care coming in to help as well.
*I stayed with Mom tonight and after a night in the hospital, she was glad to be in her own bed.  Continue to keep Mom and our family in your prayers.  Thank you.  And thank you for the nice notes of encouragement we are receiving.  It helps a lot.

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