Gathering Graces 5/24/2017

*Because I will work Friday morning, I stayed home from work this morning.  It was nice to have a leisurely morning to work on some things, and think about some things.
*Brother Bill send a letter to Christy and I to “put some things on the table” about some of his plans.  I was glad I had the time this morning to read through the letter, think about his questions, and have the time to respond.
*I arrived at work just as lunchtime was ending.  I spent some time prepping for my time with the juniors in class on Thursday.
*After school, Paul and I went and visited Mom and she was in story telling mode, and we heard a few stories, one in particular that had to do with getting sunburned on one arm, selling tickets, and Mom winning ringing a live chicken, and Dad ringing its neck.  It actually was a pretty funny story.
*If you haven’t seen my hair, it is short and spiky, and is brown with blonde and red highlights.  I always get a kick out the comments I hear from the older Kindred residents about my hair.  It always brings a smile to my face.
*Since it was a cooler and windier day, Paul made a fire in the fireplace.  That made the house nice and warm and cozy.
*In the evenings Paul likes to bring out his guitar and practice.  He is teaching himself a new strumming pattern.  Last night we had a great conversation about music, and playing guitar, and bluegrass music, and guitar picks and a lot of other topics, and the fire crackled in the background and helped keep us warm.
*In anticipation of my trip to Italy, I went and grabbed my Barbie (who will be going with me of course), and decided I would do a daily photo shoot of Barbie helping me get ready for the trip.  You can see the photos on Facebook or Instagram, with the hashtag #BarbiescountdowntoItaly.

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