Gathering Graces 5/28/2017

*It was so  great attending Legacy Church this morning.  When we lived in Meridian, this is the church we attended, and it was nice visiting with people I hadn’t seen in a while.  Pastor Ralph Lowe gave a wonderful sermon on the importance of prayer in our life, and how we need it daily to keep our “engine filled up”.
*Zoe and I went to Mongolian BBQ for lunch, and it was nice spending some time visiting with her about her plans for the future.
*After lunch I stopped at Dutch Bros and ordered an iced Cocomo.  Boy did it hit the spot!!
*After taking a short nap at Laurie’s house, I headed over to meet a special little girl, Margot Siddoway.  Margot is my walking partner Nikki Ross’s newest little granddaughter to join her sister Vivian, and parents Jeff and Kori Siddoway, who live in Meridian.  It was such a joy to see this family, and my friend Nikki was born to be a grandma!!
*Then I headed to Nampa to attend my niece Taylor’s bridal shower.  It was a beautiful evening and it was so fun to see my three girls and their two cousins together.  These girls are all very close in age, 21,23,23,24 and 26.  I was glad they could all spend some time together this weekend.
*Then I headed to Laurie’s and we had a wonderful visit into the wee hours of the morning.

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