Gathering Graces 5/25/2017

*Today was spent working with Juniors in the classroom giving them information about their upcoming Senior Projects and building a resume.
*I am so thankful we had all KHS seniors apply to college last fall.  It has made it so easy as students toward the end of the year decide to attend college, because all they need to do is call the college, get their username and password, and when they enter their web account, all the information they need is there.  It has made things so much easier this year.
*Much of the day was spent preparing for Friday’s Scholarship Award’s Assembly which is at 10 a.m. Friday morning.  I can’t wait to present awards to students, and see them get their various scholarships.
*My cousin Lura Baugh Mullikin, and her husband Lyle have come for a visit from Orofino for a few days to spend some time with Mom.  Since I am leaving for the weekend, Christy graciously hosted a dinner at her house tonight so Paul and I could visit with them.  We had a delicious chicken dinner outside in Christy and Everett’s backyard, and it was nice to visit.
*A request was sent out about a month or so ago by the KHS band director Mr. Hix to any faculty members who would like to participate in a faculty number with the KHS band at the spring concert.  Paul and I answered the call, and had a fun time doing a silly song with the band playing different percussion instruments.  I enjoyed visiting with one of my former GEAR UP students who was attending the concert with her grandparents, and she said she hadn’t seen her grandparents smile and laugh that much in a long time.  And that sums up why Paul and I do the crazy performances we do at times....because sometimes people need a break from their day, and a reason to laugh and smile. And if we can help bring that smile to someone’s face, that makes it all worthwhile.

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