Gathering Graces 5/19/2017

*What a delightful day full of sunshine, good friends and good food.
*I went over to see Mom this morning, and I wheeled her outside in Kindred’s back area where flowers are blooming and the sun was shining.  We sat outside for a while and visited, and I texted Bill letting him know Mom was available to talk, and he called right back and talked to Mom for a while.  Mom was doing good today both times I visited her, and was feeling good, too.
*Today my book group gathering at French Gulch Farms for lunch and the discussion of the book The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane.  What an incredible book.  I loved learning about the culture of the Akha people, one of China’s ethnic minorities, and also the tea industry.  The type of tea they have in this Akha region, which is in the Yunnan province, is called Pu’er.  Not only did we discuss the book and have a delicious lunch, but Sue brought a book that showed more about the Akha people and culture, because she lived in Burma as a child, and was familiar with the Akha people.  She also brought a beautiful tunic and necklace made by the Akha.  Vicki brought us each some Pu’er tea to drink with our dessert, and a packet to take home and make ourselves.  I brought home some Chen Xiang tea to try.
*Some of my high school friends gathered uptown at Radio Brewing for dinner.  We had a wonderful evening talking about our aging parents, and how everyone needs to bring out their reading glasses to read anything, our children, my upcoming trip to Italy, and many of the changes our lives are bringing.  Tina also had her niece Payton there who is flying to Scotland for the summer for an internship.  She just graduated from the U of I in Environmental Science, and it was wonderful to hear about her adventures for the summer.  It was a great evening.
*When I returned home, Paul and I watched the movie Hidden Figures.  What a good movie.  But I was so angry at the way those women were treated who worked at NASA.  But things did change for the better by them being there.  I highly recommend watching this movie.

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