Gathering Graces 5/9/2017

*It was “8th Grade Move Up Day” today at Kellogg High School.  That means the eighth graders from Kellogg Middle School come up to KHS to tour around and hear about different electives they can take.  Since Paul was out of town, I went to his room to help show the video he and his students made. 
*Then I went and got Mom and took her to the hospital for an MRI of her head.  She is still dealing with some confusion, so we are just getting everything checked out.
*After work I went to see Mom and we had a nice visit.  Sometimes brother Bill doesn’t know when a good time is to talk to Mom, so I texted him on Mom’s phone and told him now was a good time to call.  And it worked!!  Bill called and he had a nice visit with Mom, and she told him about her day.
*Tonight we had a Theater Board Meeting up in Wallace.  It was a beautiful evening to take a drive to Wallace.
*I returned home waiting for Paul to get home from his short trip to Boise.  It was so good to see him.  Now all is right with the world.

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