Gathering Graces 5/15/2017

*Christy took Mom to see her primary care giver, Dr. McDonald today.  The doctor explained to Mom that living at Kindred will give her better care than she would receive living at home.  As she was sharing with me about her appointment, she asked me what I thought about her living where she is, and not at home.  My concern is her fluctuating vitals, and how they change from day to day.  When she is at Kindred, there is trained medical staff to respond to her needs.  It wouldn’t be like that at home.  I pray my heart, and the hearts of my siblings are filled with wisdom and love and we move forward in deciding what is best for Mom.
*Paul said he would make dinner tonight, and I said I wanted a big, healthy salad.  Boy, did her deliver.  He made a delicious green salad with chicken and many other goodies in it.  Yum! Yum!
*After dinner it was off to the dentist to have my temporary crown replaced with the permanent one.  My mouth was very achy when I left, but by bedtime it was much better.
*I went to see Mom after my dentist appointment.  We had a nice visit, and she told me about her day.  Christy came toward the end of my visit.  We both left and took some time to talk about Mom’s visit in the lobby of  Kindred, and Christy told me more about today’s doctor’s visit.  Tomorrow we have a meeting at Kindred about Mom’s care she is receiving.
*I spent some time tonight planning out my vegetable garden.  I hope to get some of the seeds planted this weekend. 

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