Gathering Graces 5/18/2017

*I put the wrong room number on my coffee order at KHS this morning, and it never arrived.  I went in to the classroom that makes the coffee and told them I never got it.  So one of my favorite seniors, Brandon “Bran Muffin” Church made me another cup of delicious coffee.  Then I went back to my office, and saw my original cup of coffee on a co-workers desk.  They must have delivered it there when they couldn’t fine me.  Oh well...it all worked it because Paul ended up with the other cup of coffee!
*Today was spent with the junior class throughout the day, talking about what they should plan ahead for next year as seniors.  I think some of them weren’t quite ready to hear and start talking about some of this information. 
*The evening ended up being pleasant, so Paul and I were able to get outside and prepare the raised beds for planting by turning over the soil in each bed.  Paul also got the compost out of the composter so we can add it to the soil in our “rubber tire” beds, and the buckets I grow the tomatoes in.  We also sat outside for a while, and enjoyed the beautiful evening.  You forget how enjoyable those times are when you haven’t been able to be outside much because of the weather.
*Paul and I went to visit Mom around her dinner time.  She still has a cough, which concerns me a bit.  Mom shared about her day in Coeur d’Alene. She went to an appointment, then Christy, Everett and Mom went to Applebees for lunch, which Mom enjoyed.  Christy said it is apparent that Mom is getting stronger, because it is much easier for her to get in and out of Christy’s car, so that was encouraging. 

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