Gathering Graces 5/11/2017

*Saw Mom in the morning, and she had already been weighed, but she took her blood pressure and oxygen while I was there.  Lots of things to monitor daily with Mom.
*My P.E.O. chapter has a big fund-raiser each year.  We sell geraniums, either red or pink, in hanging baskets or 4 inch pots.  Today the geraniums arrived.  I switched work days so I took today off and will work tomorrow so I have the time to deliver the geraniums.  I am so thankful I could borrow Christy and Everett’s truck for my deliveries.  I took one group to people around Kellogg.  My second group was delivered to KHS, KMS and the District Office.  My final group of geraniums was delivered to Mullan and Wallace.  Christy rode along with me for this delivery.
*I finalized the first draft my menu for April’s upcoming retreat in Italy and sent her a copy to see if I am on the right track of what she was thinking regarding food for her retreat.  It will be so fun to cook the meals all week at the retreat.
*Paul got some work done around Mom’s house this afternoon, then I went over and picked up her clean laundry and a few other items, and went to visit.  Mom had a cough today, and had a slight fever.  She seemed a bit flushed.  It was put in her chart to monitor her a little more closely this evening because of her fever. 

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