Gathering Graces 5/5/2017

*Today was Senior Project Presentation Day at Kellogg High School.  I heard presentations on a wide variety of topics, including Astronomy, Biomedical Engineering, Short Term Missions, Fire Mitigation, Medical Assisting, A business plan to build a Motocross Track, education reform and Military Humanitarian Aid.  They were all very interesting to listen to, and I loved hearing these students present their research, ideas and thoughts on these topics.
*I went to visit Mom this afternoon and we visited a while until she fell asleep, then she woke up later in time to get up for dinner.  Again, thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts coming her way.  If you live around here and have a chance, go visit her.  She would love to see you!!
*I went to see The Miracle Worker at Kellogg High School tonight.  The students did a very nice job telling the story of Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan.  And they did some staging and lighting that was very interesting as well.
*Paul and I had a late dinner of sausage and sauerkraut on a roll, and went over our lines for our filming that will happen tomorrow morning. 

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