Gathering Graces 4/29/2017

*One of the nicest graces I experienced today was being home for all but an hour this morning as I went over to be with Mom and get her breakfast, etc. 
*Time at home was spent working on publicity for the Sixth Street Melodrama’s upcoming season, and a few other things I needed to do.
*I had a nice surprise in my living room this afternoon to see the Easter Lily my secret pal at work gave me was now in full bloom and looking beautiful.
*While at Mom’s I went outside and picked some rhubarb to make a cake as part of the Family Dinner that I was hosting.  Paul grilled some steaks and shrimp, we had a salad and rice and the Rhubarb cake.  So delicious!!  It was nice to have everyone gather around the table once again.  It had been a few weeks that we had done that, so it was nice to all be together. 
*After the family left, I finished up my theater work, and headed off to bed.  A nice, relaxing day at home.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

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