Gathering Graces 5/14/2017

*What a wonderful Mother’s Day today!  I felt honored and blessed all day long.
*I went over to see Mom before church, and all was well at Kindred.
*Church was good, then I headed home.  I spent the afternoon creating wine bottle hummingbird feeders that I am going to sell.  Mom received one for Mother’s Day.  While I was making them, Travis sat down and we had a wonderful visit about traveling the world.
*Paul and I went over to Kindred to pick up Mom to take her to Christy’s house for Mother’s Day dinner.  We stopped and picked up her umbrella and a blanket at her house in case it was raining when coming into Christy’s house.  By the time we brought Mom out to our car, the sun was shining!!  We made it over to Christy’s house and into her house, no problems.

Four generations photo...Mom, Me, Molly, Sadie!!

*It was a wonderful Mother’s Day meal of BBQ baby back ribs, corn on the cob, fruit salad and strawberry cake.  After dinner, brother Bill called, then Zoe was on video chat.  Coco called me at home later in the evening.
*We got Mom back to Kindred, and she was ready to get in her pajamas and get ready for bed.  I felt the same way when I got home.  I was exhausted!!  My evening was spent on the couch, watching NCIS, and eating popcorn!!  Paul had to come in at one point and tell me I had slept through the entire episode of the last NCIS I had put on, and that he was heading to bed.  Sounded like a good idea to me, so I headed to bed, too. 
*What a wonderful day.

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