Gathering Graces 5/26/2017

*This morning was the Senior Scholarship Awards Ceremony at Kellogg High School.  It has been fun and rewarding working with these seniors, and helping them make their college education more affordable.  Of the 75 or so graduating seniors, about 50 of those earned over $500,000 collectively to help pay their way to college.
KHS Senior Scholarship and Award winners, 2017
*I stopped by Kindred to visit Mom before I left town for the weekend.  She was in the rehab room doing some of her Occupational Therapy.  We had a good visit.
*I had a beautiful drive to Moscow this afternoon.  I love the rolling hills of the Palouse.
*I stopped by Cosette’s apartment to pick her up, then we went to Molly’s apartment to pick her up.  Cosette got behind the wheel, and I went to the backseat.  I can’t believe I didn’t sleep at all on this trip.  It was a great trip filled with lots of talking, eating junk food, and listening to Cosette’s playlist.  We are traveling to Meridian/Nampa for my niece Taylor’s bridal shower on Sunday.
*I dropped off Coco at Zoe’s house, then dropped off Molly at her Aunt and Uncle’s house.  It had been a long day, and we were a little giggly when we arrived at Zoe’s house.  She was a bit tired, so she didn’t appreciate our humor at such a late hour.
*Then I made my way to my sister-in-law Laurie’s house by about 12:30 am, MST, and soon was in bed.

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