Gathering Graces 5/12/2017

*I went to see Mom this morning and she was VERY tired.  I think the night before and this morning she was recovering from her big outing to Post Falls on Wednesday to visit the heart center.
*I was very energized at work today.  I’m not sure if the coffee I received from the students who make our weekly cup of coffee was part of the reason, but I felt good all day, and got lots done.  I talked to students about Youth Summit, and it was so fun that each of them is very excited to attend!  I helped seniors with accepting scholarships, and various other things throughout the day. 
*The KHS Band instructor sent out an email to see if anyone wanted to perform in their final band concert in a special number using faculty.  Paul and I volunteered, so we went and rehearsed with them today.  The concert is at the high school on Thursday, May 25 at 7 p.m.  It should be lots of fun!!
*When I saw Mom today, she was about to get her dinner.  She was much more alert, and we had a great visit.  After dinner I wheeled her out to the nice sitting area at Kindred, and Christy joined us and we visited out there for around 30 minutes or so.  Mom’s energy level was much improved.  She was tired, but it was physically tired from her therapy she is doing, not sleepy tired, which is a good thing!!
*I went to Christy’s house to get some vegetable seeds for my garden from the packets she had purchased, and we also watched Chopped and Chopped Junior, which were both fun episodes.  The first was some of the Chopped judges cooking with their moms.  Chopped Junior had the judges cooking, and the kids judging them. 
*When I was leaving Mom’s house, her neighbor Jane had a couple suitcases for me to take home.  She is letting me borrow the suitcases for my upcoming trip to Italy, and also she filled them both with clothes I can borrow if I want to wear them while I am there, plus some travel purses to use, too.  What a blessing to have such wonderful and giving friends who are making this whole trip possible.

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