Gathering Graces 5/13/2017

*What a luxury.  I got to sleep in today!
*I went to visit Mom this morning, and she was doing good.
*I came home and finally had a day to tackle cleaning the house.
*Bill and Debbie wanted to give Mom flowers for Mother’s Day, so I ordered them earlier this week, and went up to pick them up from the florist and deliver them to Mom this afternoon.  She loved them.  While visiting Mom, I took her out to the sitting room and we had a wonderful visit.  Here is Mom with her flowers from Bill and Debbie.  It was also very sweet today when one of Mom’s roommates told me she was glad that we were there to take care of Mom and make her feel better.
Mom and her Mother's Day bouquet from Bill and Debbie.
*Molly and Travis arrived this afternoon.  They made me a delicious Mother’s Day meal.  They made Mango Habenaro Tacos and Gnochi in an apricot jam reduction sauce. 
*I briefly talked to Zoe on the phone.  It is always a treat to talk to one of my daughters on the phone.
*After dinner I drove to Wallace to do some filming.  We didn’t get it all done, so I will film my final scene in July, after I return from Italy.

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