Gathering Graces 5/27/2017

*What a wonderful day of connecting with family and friends while here in Meridian.  As I drove through different parts of Meridian today, I was reminded of some of the places I used to frequent while we lived here 17 years ago.  There are some things that remain the same, and others have changed much over the years.  Somehow, I find comfort in the fact that some things have remained the same.

Me and April at breakfast
*My morning started out with breakfast at Steve’s Cafe with my wonderful friend April Kiebert.  We talked about her new job, how wonderful her kids are doing, my life, and how much we appreciate each other’s friendship.  The awesome thing is I will be back in two weeks, and we will get to spend more time together, too.
*Lunchtime was spent at Kahootz Pub and Eatery with my wonderful friends Anita Jo Jahner and Laurie Roberts.  The food was delicious, and the company was even better!!
Anita, Laurie and I

Having coffee with Ryan Griffin
*I spent the afternoon taking a nap.  It felt so good.  Then I met Molly, Zoe and Cosette and Ryan Griffin at The Village in Meridian for coffee.  Ryan graduated from the College of Idaho last weekend, so it was nice to congratulate him in person, and get caught up.  I am very proud of all of Ryan’s hard work!
*Later we were joined by Kevin and Linda, Taylor and Karlie and Laurie.  We went to The Matador for some snacks.  Such an amazing day catching up with my wonderful family and friends.  And I especially love hanging out with my three girls.

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