Gathering Graces 1/31/2019

*It is the last day of January, the the last two items of my list of  “things to do” were crossed off the list.  Sometimes....it is the little things that bring a sense of accomplishment!
*Molly and Travis have been needing a new vehicle for a while, and I received some pictures today of their beautiful new (to them) 2012 Chevrolet Cruze.  I am very excited for them!!  (And feel much better that they now have a much more reliable vehicle to get them where they need to go!)
*Our next sibling assignment involved taking a series of photographs out in nature, and either posting them or making a slide show.  I decided to put it into a slide show.  If you would like to view my photographs, all taken in my backyard, you can go to my blog post here.
*We set up the curtain and brought out the puppets, and had fun at drama class today doing some skits with the puppets.  I look forward to doing more with the puppets in future classes.

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