Gathering Graces 12/8/2018

*”Alexa” played Christmas music for us throughout the day as our home was transformed for Christmas!!  The tree is decorated.  The gifts are under the tree.  The Santa Claus collection is all in place.  The lights are in the front window and Paul replaced the outside lights as well.  I have a few more things to put up tomorrow, and then we should be good.
*Christmas decorating for me is a time to remember past Christmases.  Many of the ornaments and decorations evoke fond memories of Christmas holiday’s in the past.  That is one of the reasons I love Christmas.  It is a constant in my life.  There are certain traditions we keep each year through decorating that connect me to the past...to my mom, my dad, my grandmas and other friends and family I don’t see that often.  I like having that connection.
*Paul spent some time today over at Christy and Everett’s house putting up Christmas decoration in front of their house.  It looks very festive!!  Then he came home and took some of the birch wood from the tree we cut down and stacked it above the rail on our patio, and put two windows on either side to give a bit of a wind break.  This may help keep things warmer by the sliding glass door this winter.  While moving the wood, he did unearth, what he believes to be a mouse nest in the wood.  This could be why we had a mouse in the basement.  But there has been no signs of a mouse for a couple of weeks.  I am hoping Clark took care of it. I really hate it when he kills the birds in our yard.  But he can hunt as many mice as he likes!!

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