Gathering Graces 12/16/2018

*It was fun to sit in the fellowship hall after church and reminisce with Simon Miller and others about growing up in the Silver Valley and how things have changed, and things we remembered from growing up here in the valley.  It really was a wonderful place to grow up.
*It felt good to have a nap this afternoon before heading over to Bill’s house for family dinner.
*Bill served us a delicious bowl of seafood chowder and a marinated vegetable salad.  Both were delicious.  The evening began with a Brandy and Amaretto cocktail that was also delightful.  It was fun visiting with everyone and getting caught up on how everyone’s week had gone.  Continue to keep Christy in your thoughts and prayers.  She has a couple of doctor’s appointments this week and hopefully things are healing as they should be.
*I readied my menu and grocery list for tomorrow as I prepare for the Sixth Street Theater Board Christmas party we will be hosting at our house.  It is always a fun time with this wonderful group of people.  On the menu....spaghetti, red sauce, meatballs and green salad.  Everyone else will bring things to accompany this meal.  We also have a fun gift exchange as well.
*Most of the time Paul sleeps right through my VIPKID lessons. But the other morning, I was asking my student, “What do you do with your head?”  Paul was awake for this question, and he couldn’t for the life of him, figure out what you do with your head.  Soon, the answer came....”Oh...I nod with my head!!”
*The Amazon Italy package arrived at April’s house....success!!  I was so happy to hear from her that it had arrived!!  And again, super impressed with myself that I made it happen!!  (As my friend Tina says...I am a tech wizard....LOL).
*One of our teacher friends who lives out of state sent us a Christmas card, and when I opened up the card, inside it said, “Lori..I think you are simply amazing.”  This teacher had a student help her put the cards in the envelopes, and the student did not check to see if the correct cards were going into the correct envelopes.  So everyone on her Christmas card list received someone else’s card.  This became clear when she sent out a Facebook Message today to explain what had happened.  I sent her a message and told her she should make this an annual Christmas tradition...and each year we would wonder whose Christmas card we would be receiving!!
*We received a text from daughter Molly telling us that she had had her exit interview, and has now officially graduated from Lewis Clark State College with a degree in Education.  She is certified to teach Kindergarted through 8th Grade in regular education, and kindergarten through 12th grade in Special Education.  Paul and I are so very proud of her!!  We know she is going to be an awesome teacher!!  She will be participating in a small graduation ceremony next spring for the LCSC graduates in Coeur d’Alene at North Idaho College.

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