Gathering Graces 12/2/2018

*Today begins the season of Advent.  Paul and I are reading from Advent for Everyone: Luke: A Daily Devotional by N.T. Wright this advent season.  In the introduction Wright says this:
....Luke will help us return to our own day, to ask humbly and seriously what it will mean for us to walk with Jesus in our own world.  My hope and prayer is that this book will help churches, groups and individuals to be ‘Advent people’, celebrating the coming of God’s light into the world that often still seems very dark.
I love the season of Advent, and I do long to be “Advent people”, to be present in the darkness of December and realize that we do not have to be in darkness anymore, because Jesus has brought light into this world of darkness.  And this season of Advent reminds me once again how to embrace this light, The Light of the World, Jesus Christ.
*Our advent reading at church at church this morning was focused on Hope, as we lit the first candle on the advent wreath.  In life, sometimes all we need is just a glimmer of hope to help us carry on.  Recently a friend of mine found out her brother has cancer.  His doctor told him that the next year would be very tough, but he would be okay.  It was the glimmer of hope this family needed to hang on to, despite the horrifying news that his body has cancer.  But that one statement brought a tiny bit of light into a darkness that family was experiencing.  It is amazing how just one little light...one glimmer of hope, can help us move forward in life. 
*Paul arrived home in Kellogg between 6-6:30 a.m. after riding on a bus from Twin Falls to Post Falls, then driving home from Post Falls.  I was just finishing up my classes for the morning, so I decided to head back to bed to get some extra sleep before heading to church.
*After church Paul and I picked up Everett and headed over to KMC to visit Christy.  She was like a whole different person than the last time Everett and I saw her on Friday afternoon.  Her spirits were up, she looked better and you could tell the pain had decreased.  We had a wonderful visit with Christy, and found out more about what her future at home once she is released from the hospital, which could be tomorrow if all goes well.
*We left KMC and had a couple of errands to run, then it was off to Applebees for dinner.  It was nice to spend some time with Everett at dinner, and I think he enjoyed getting out for a meal as well.  I know he is looking forward to Christy coming home.  He said without her at home, it is very lonely and there is no life in the house!!  Isn’t that sweet!!

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