Gathering Graces 12/7/2018

*I got the box of Christmas gifts for our Meridian family all filled and gave to Nikki this morning so she can deliver it to her daughter’s house in Meridian where Zoe will pick it up.  I am so glad it worked out to have my own personal delivery service!!  Thanks Rob and Nikki!!
*Looking at the weeks coming up, I wrote down a schedule so I knew what kind of activities I would be doing in the upcoming weeks leading up to Christmas and the New Year.  This helps me know how to schedule my time and get done all those things I need to get done.
*After lunch I went to Christy’s house to help her take down her harvest decorations and put up her Christmas decorations.  I helped her get the mantle decorated, then she took over from there!!  I can’t wait to go see how she has everything decorated.  She was doing good today, but the healing of this wound is going to be a long process.  Her home health nurse was there when I arrived, and told her she would have a long recovery process with her wound.
*Back at my house we brought the tree in we had purchased this week, and cut the trunk and got it in water right away.  So it will sit empty of decorations in the living room until tomorrow when the Christmas decorating begins!!
*I had some classes this evening, so spent a couple hours teaching some new and some established students.  I am still amazed that I get to meet all these different children each day and help them learn a new language.

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