Gathering Graces 12/10/2018

*On Sunday evening when we were having family dinner, Mom’s Nuts and Bolts recipe came up.  We found one recipe that Mom had written down, but it was hard to read in places.  We knew Cosette had nabbed one from Mom’s recipe box, along with the roasting pan Mom used to make the Nuts and Bolts in.  Christy got a hold of Cosette, asking if she had the other copy of the recipe.  Cosette thought the recipe and the roasting pan were in her bedroom closet at our house.  (Why wouldn’t it be there?)  I told Cosette the roasting pan was in the basement, but the recipe card was not with the roasting pan.  As I am talking on the phone with Cosette, I tell her the last time I remember seeing the recipe, it was on the kitchen counter.  I move look past the utensil holder on my counter, and see a recipe card in a random copper napkin holder hid back in the corner of the kitchen counter.  Guess what the recipe was?  Yes, it was the Nuts and Bolts recipe we were looking for.  You have got to love my filing system!!  (Just for the record, the recipe card is now back in Mom’s recipe file so when Cosette comes home and makes Nuts and Bolts, it will be there for her.)
*Today was the day, 34 years ago, that Paul asked me to marry him.  He proposed to me in the living of the Delta Delta Delta sorority at the University of Idaho.  He recited Shakespeare’s 29th Sonnet and then got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I have never regretted saying “yes” to this question. Not once.
*It has been a process, but I finally got a schedule down for the week of Christmas, and the menu finalized for our Chinese Christmas Eve dinner.  Tomorrow I will send it out to family members and friends who will be attending so they can make plans to prepare their contributions to the feast.
*Last night was a wonderful gathering at the Real Women of the Silver Valley. This gathering has been a real need in my life for some time.  Debbie Holland’s words are such an encouragement each time, and it is just what my soul and spirit have been needing to hear. 

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