Gathering Graces 12/20/2018

*I got certified to do a couple more kinds of VIPKID classes today.  Now I am certified to teach nine different kinds of classes.  Since I have taught 400 classes, it opened up a whole lot more opportunities to teach other kinds of classes.
*This afternoon I went to Kellogg Middle School to let students know about the Theater Program I will be doing as part of the KMS WISE After School program.  I will start it in January, after students return from Christmas Break, and go until the end of March, before they leave for Spring Break.  I talked to two of Joy Persoon’s choir classes, and her drama class.  Many of the students thought we looked a lot alike, and that we were sisters.  Which I took as a big compliment!!
*As I was folding clothes in the bedroom, I decided to pop in one of “The West Wing” DVD’s.  I started the Season 1 Christmas episode In Excelsis Deo.  I have seen this over ten times, and I cry each time I watch it, because it is a very moving story about love and respect.  It always touches my heart.
*Around 6 p.m. I was wiped out.  I was in bed by 7:30 p.m. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!!

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