Gathering Graces 12/4/2018

*Remember how excited I was to received Dino yesterday?  This morning, I started off a class with one of my students named Yoyo.  When I asked her how she was doing, she said she was “happy”, but wasn’t too convincing.  Once I brought Dino to the classroom, her whole face lit up, and she was a much more enthusiastic student for the rest of the class.  Way to go Dino!!
*It was exciting to see how my pottery items turned out after they went through the glaze fire.  One of my projects was making coasters.  The ones pictured above we are keeping.  They were a bit of a fail. You can kind of see an impression of a pansy on the coaster, but the glaze took over and you really can’t see the imprint of the pansy.  So I will try again making pansy coasters and use a different glaze.  But I love the color and look of the coasters, so we get to keep them.  Which Paul said is good, because we needed some new coasters.  I just need to put some felt on the back of them.
*I heard from Christy later in the day.  Her home health nurse had just left.  The antibiotics she is receiving is making her feel a little sick, which is pretty normal.  The nurse gave her something to hopefully help with these side effects.  It sounded like Christy was also getting lots of extra rest, which is always good.  I always feel like sleep is the great healer.
*I had another funny experience in class this morning.  Our cat Benjamin was able to virtually meet Blue Brother, one of my student’s cats from China.  Here is a photo of this epic moment!!

Chinese cat "Blue Brother" meets American cat "Benjamin" online

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