Gathering Graces 8/8/2017

*Today is the birthday of my beautiful first born, Molly Jessica Roberts-Cornwell.  She came into our lives in Glendive, Montana, and has blessed us ever since.  She is a kind, compassionate and funny young woman who is now 27 years old.  How in the world did that happen?  We didn’t see her today for her birthday, but we will continue the celebration Wednesday and Thursday with some fun things planned.  Woo! Hoo!
*I got to experience a rare moment of bliss this morning.  Nikki is out of town, so we didn’t walk.  We took the afternoon shift being with Mom, so I didn’t go to Kindred early this morning.  Instead, I got to SLEEP IN!!  It felt so good to leisurely get up, have some coffee, eat some breakfast and not have anywhere to go.  I needed a morning like that, and it was good.
*Around 11 a.m., Cosette and I went to Kindred and she stayed with Mom and visited while I joined Christy, Bill and Kindred and Hospice staff for a Care Meeting.  What a wonderful group of people we have managing Mom’s care.  It was a very productive meeting that got many of our questions answered.
*After the care meeting, I stayed with Mom for a few hours.  She was sleeping, but obviously in distress.  She continued that way throughout the afternoon, but finally settled down later in the day.
*I left Mom around 2 p.m. and came home and took a nap.  Then I woke up and went to the store to buy ingredients to make a delicious meal on the grill called Grilled Shrimp Boil Packets.  They were easy to make, and very delicious.  You take potatoes, shrimp, sausage, corn on the cob and some seasoning, and put them in foil packets and grill them on the BBQ.  If you want to check it out the recipe is here.
*After dinner, Paul and I challenged Zoe and Jason to some Bocce Ball.  Best two out of three games.  The losers pay for frozen yogurt.  Paul and I won after two games, and so we got some free yogurt.
*Silver Mountain now has a little shop that sells Frozen Yogurt with all kinds of toppings, and coffee drinks.  It was very good and refreshing.  I am glad we checked it out.
*Now that Cosette was feeling better, she joined a friend in CDA for an outing, since she had been house bound for so many days.  Paul and I drove to Rose Lake to pick her up so her friend wouldn’t have to drive her all the way back to Kellogg.  Cosette had a wonderful day, and we are so thankful she is on the mend.

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