Gathering Graces 8/14/2017

*It was a cool, misty morning as Nikki and I resumed our morning walking routine this morning after a break last week.
*I spent some alone time with Mom this morning.  I enjoy the quiet time with her in her room alone in the morning.  The lights are dimmed, and the Hymn station is playing on the Pandora station on her Smart TV in her room.  Most of the time I was with her, she kept indicating that her mouth was dry.  She was unable to drink from a straw.  So I got some of the pink sponge swabs and cleaned out her mouth, and occasionally would put water on one so she could suck to sponge, which seemed to bring relief.  Mom’s breathing was a little rattley again this morning, but once I sat her up a bit more, that seemed to subside a bit.  It was a different day for Mom.  She was never really awake, but never really asleep, either.  As I sat with her alone, tears streamed down my face.  One of the aides came in, and hugged me, and I tried to explain to her, I wasn’t crying so much out of sadness, but of gratitude.  Gratitude of being able to have spent the time I have at my Mom’s bedside throughout the summer.  Gratitude of being here with Mom in her final days, and being able to clean out her mouth, and give her water, and brush her hair, and rub her arm, request pain medication if needed.  This time is very special.  It is a gift.
*Throughout the morning Mom had a few visitors come.  Bill brought Jeri Robinson and Don Windish over to see Mom, and later Renee Costa visited.  I went home around noon.
*Cosette is feeling much better.  She has not been to the ER since Friday afternoon, and is eating and drinking well, keeping things down, and sleeping well, too.  We believe she is on the road to recovery.  She helped Paul with some projects around the house in the morning, then later, Paul, Coco and I went to Mom’s house to bring more thing over to our house.  Cosette had not had to opportunity yet to be at Grandma Mary’s house to look at her things, so she was able to spend some time today doing that.  Again, we are very thankful for all the prayers, thoughts, cards, messages and well wishes regarding Coco and her health.
*Later in the day, Molly messaged us that Travis had gone to Urgent Care because he was having some back pain.  This had begun last week when they were staying with us.  It turns out he has a muscle spasm, and hopes that muscle relaxants, pain meds and some physical therapy will help the situation.
*Bill and Debbie came over around 7 for dinner on the patio outside.  We had some meat and cheese left over from our Italian feast last week, so we enjoyed that, as well as a corn salad Debbie prepared, and some fresh plums Molly and Travis had left here.  We talked about Mom and her day, and had a nice visit.  But soon the evening temperature got pretty cool, so Bill and Debbie left, and we all went inside.

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