Gathering Graces 8/13/2017

View of Kellogg from second floor of YMCA building.
*Paul and I started the morning off again going to Kellogg Middle School for breakfast.  At Saturday’s breakfast, the eggs were very weird and did not taste good.  Thanks to Smelterville Lion and KHS Alum Jay Huber, the egg problem was rectified, and the eggs were much tastier on Sunday morning.  It was nice visiting with Doug Jacobs and Marcia Morgan Jacobs during breakfast.
*When we left breakfast, the rain started falling, and it continued to be a very cool and rainy day.  It was nice to have a break, and get some moisture in the air and on the ground.
*For those of you wondering about Cosette, she is doing much better.  She actually came out for about an hour on Saturday night to the Elks, and had a really good day today.  She woke up and had some breakfast, and had slept good.
*Coco and I went over to Kindred to visit Mom.  Coco was able to visit briefly with Mom when she was awake at one point.  Mom had some yogurt for breakfast, which was good, and she drank some water for me.  I also took some of the sponge swabs and cleaned in and around her mouth, and she said that felt good.  Mom is having pain in her right shoulder.  She also complained of pain in her left foot, but I touched it and rubbed it, and she didn’t respond.  But the nurses were aware of it, and said they would watch it.  Christy wanted me to tell her if Mom was awake, so I texted her after I got there that she was awake.  She came over a bit later.  Sue and Joe Kerns also stopped in for a visit. 
*Many of the Kindred staff are KHS graduates, and I was able to see them enjoying themselves at the reunion throughout the weekend, and visited with some on Sunday morning. 
*Coco and I returned home after a brief stop at Yokes to buy Coco some things to eat, and got her some lunch.  Paul and I took a nap.  We both slept very well throughout the afternoon.
*After our nap, Paul, Coco and I had a good talk about when she would be returning to Moscow.  We want her to stay until Friday.  She wants to go Monday.  We compromised, and said, if all is well the next two days, she can return to Moscow on Wednesday.  We are hoping and praying for the best. 
*The evening was spent paying Mom’s bills and doing some catch up blogging.  It was fun looking at the different photos people were posting on Facebook from the reunion.  I have heard such wonderful comments from people about the weekend.  I believe it was a success!!

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