Gathering Graces 8/11/2017

*Today began the Kellogg High School All-Class Reunion.  Paul and I went to Kellogg Middle School to register, then went up to KHS to prepare to give tours of the building in the morning.  What a fun morning.  We both met so many wonderful people throughout the morning, or were reconnected with so many wonderful people.  We heard so many stories of former KHS students.  I think the biggest comment I heard all morning was how different it looked with a change in the windows.  They used to go from floor to ceiling.  But when they redid the windows, the only went part way down.  Some notable people I toured today were Mike Mills, class of 1979, who was a senior when I was a sophomore.  Becky Wirta, whose sister Karla was my age.  I spent many times at the Wirta house growing up.  Karla lives in Florida.  Teresa Verboggi, who was from the class of 1980.  She said she enjoyed followed my adventure to her cousin April’s house in Italy.  John Guliani, who was the band and choir teacher at KHS the two years before I attended KHS.  Paul had him as a choir teacher for two years.  He had not been back to KHS since he left in 1978, and he had a lot of good stories to tell.  All in all, Paul and I probably toured around 60 people through the building.  It was a really fun morning.
*Paul left KHS to check on Coco, and she had not had a good morning, so it was back up to the SMC ER for more IV solution and medication.  She returned home around 4 or so.  She went to bed.   And I was wiped out as well.  After touring all morning, and then to the ER in the afternoon, I needed some food and rest.  I had hit a wall.  So I ate a little bit, then laid down and not sure when I finally got up.  I missed a short visit from Jenn and David Schram.  But I just couldn’t get up.  I knew my emotions could not handle socializing at the All Class Reunion that evening, so I just stayed home.  Paul’s two brothers, David and Kevin, went out and socialized.  Paul and I stayed home, and visited with Karlie, Zoe and Jason.  Molly and Travis had returned to Post Falls.
*When I woke up, I headed out to the patio, and Paul came out with his guitar so we could practice the songs we would be singing at the Opening Ceremony for the reunion tomorrow.  Then I grabbed Paul’s guitar, looked up some guitar chords to some James Taylor songs, and played the guitar and sang for a while on the patio.  I was a little rusty, but most of the chords came right back to me.  I need to keep playing songs.  I would like to get back to playing guitar again.
*I was wired by the time bedtime came around, and I needed to put a DVD in the television to watch something before I fell asleep.  The choice was Air Force One with Harrison Ford.  I stayed awake and watched the whole thing, then read for a little bit, then finally was able to fall asleep.

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