Gathering Graces 8/21/2017

*Paul and I spent the morning sitting in the backyard enjoying the Solar Eclipse.  I am very thankful to the Kellogg Public Library for providing glasses to view the eclipse.  I am not disappointed it didn’t get darker.  I liked the experience for what it was.  I enjoyed seeing the shadows change in the backyard, and the temperature lower.  I enjoyed seeing the moon pass in front of the sun, and how it changed every ten minutes or so.  I was curious why, when I took a photograph that the bright sun was in the sky, but the position of the eclipse was much smaller and kept moving in the sky, and opposite of what I saw through my special glasses. 

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 Kellogg, Idaho
*This is my favorite photo I took of the solar eclipse. 
*When a parent dies, there are tasks that need completed, and I took care of some of those today.  Mom had a retirement account through PERSI, and I called and notified them of her death, and got the process in motion for her condolence package to be sent to us.  I called and canceled her local newspaper.  She will receive a small refund.  I called her landline provider, Frontier.  Since no one but Mom is on the account, a formal letter needs to be faxed requesting her landline be discontinued.  I set up an appointment with someone at her bank to go over her bank accounts.  It does simplify matters that I am a signer on her accounts.  But with each task I start and complete, each time I have to say “My mother passed away”, the repetition of those words make the reality more pronounced.  Intellectually I know she is dead.  But the acceptance is still a process.
*My friend Carolyn and used to have breakfast on a fairly regular basis.  But we have not been able to get together for some time.  We finally have a lunch date set for Thursday.  It will be good to finally get together and catch up.
*A few weeks ago my wonderful friend Amy gave me a basket with bubble bath and a candle, and instructions on taking some time to take a nice relaxing bath.  Today, I took advantage of the wonderful gift, and took a nice relaxing bath.  It was just what I needed.
*It was good talking to Coco this evening, and she sounded good, and had a good day, and, again, I hope she has a good week. 
*Paul grilled some vegetables from the garden, and some tuna steaks, and we enjoyed a nice meal on the patio.  What a beautiful evening.

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