Gathering Graces 8/10/2017

*Part of the morning was spent baking a Lemon Cake for Molly’s Italian Feast 27th Birthday Celebration that would be happening tonight. 
*As I started to make the cake, I realized I was missing some ingredients, so I took a quick drive to the grocery store.
*I organized my day, and put a plan in motion.
*I sat with Mom at Kindred from noon to 1 p.m.  She slept peacefully the whole time.
*Then I joined Molly, Travis, Zoe and Jason at Mom’s house to go through her things so the girls could choose items they may want.  Yes, there were tears and memories as we looked through the items Mom has collected over the years, and the items that have a special meaning.
*The girls each spent some time with Mom this afternoon, and I returned home to continue cooking the Italian Feast.  When Zoe arrived home, she jumped in and made the frosting and frosted and cake, and put together a green salad.  Molly helped with the appetizers. 
*Around 6 p.m. Christy, Everett, Bill and Debbie arrived for the birthday celebration.  We started off with Italian Meat, Cheese and Bread, San Pellegrino water, and an Italian Cocktail,  a Campari Spritz.
*Then out came the main courses.  We had Sausage Pasta with Four Cheeses, Meatballs With Cherry Tomatoes and Artichokes, Polenta al Forni and Green Salad. 
*After dinner, espresso was served with the birthday cake.  It was such joy to once again make these fabulous recipes I had made in Italy earlier this summer, and share them with my wonderful family.
*It was a beautiful evening that lead to great conversations.  A while after Bill and Debbie left,  Paul’s brother Kevin and our niece Karlie arrived from Nampa.  Kevin came for the Kellogg High School All-Class Reunion that begins tomorrow.  It will be great having them around for a few days.
*Cosette is still not feeling well.  Keep praying she gets better.  Her sisters and cousin did a trip to Walmart to get her some smoothies to see if that helps.
*After a very full, busy, productive, joyful day, it felt good to lay on my bed and get some rest.

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