Gathering Graces 8/17/2017

*I woke up this morning and my world has changed.  Mom is no longer a part of my world.  Daily visits to Kindred are no longer a part of my schedule.  Mom is now at peace in Heaven.  And that is a good and comforting realization for me.
*I slept in this morning, and spent some time walking around outside. 
*Paul and I met Christy and Bill at Kindred to remove the items from Mom’s room.  I had an opportunity to hug and thank some of the Kindred staff while we were there.  Words are so inadequate to express the thankfulness and gratitude to the Kindred staff who took such good care of Mom since she arrived at Kindred on May 4. 
*We delivered items to Mom’s house and will go through them later.
*I came home to relax for a while.  Kellee Crall Mills brought some Ice Tea from McDonald’s for Paul and I, and I got a wonderful hug from her and we cried and it was such a comfort.  It wasn’t too long ago that Kellee was experiencing the loss of her mother, and she knows what I am going through.
*Later in the afternoon Bill, Christy and I went to the Shoshone Funeral Home to visit with Debbie Mikesell about Mom’s service, obituary and burial.  It was a good meeting.  We are not having Mom’s service until October.  This will give us time to prepare, and not feel rushed because Bill will be going back to Maryland next week, and will return at the end of September.
*After the meeting at the funeral home, Bill, Christy and I headed to Best Shots to have a couple of drinks and share a basket of fries.  It was nice to spend some relaxing time together.
*When I got home, Zoe and Jason had arrived from their trip to Canada, and it was nice to seem them. 
*Dinner was prepared tonight by our good friend and Mom’s neighbor Jane McShane, who prepared  a seafood pasta salad, green salad and lemon cake.  Kellee also brought over a pasta salad to my house and we had it for dinner as well.  All the food was delicious and greatly appreciated.  Nikki Ross also brought both Christy and myself some goodies and a nice card.
*I have been overwhelmed by all the notes, texts, phone calls and messages our family has received throughout the day.  Such an out pouring of love and kindness to our family.  It has touched me very much.
*Molly arrived later in the evening.  Paul will be helping her move her things back to Moscow tomorrow, and they can also check on Coco, who still is not getting better.  She was back to Urgent Care and a trip to the ER in Moscow yesterday.  Keep praying she is healed and gets better.  She begins classes on Monday, and would like to be able to start her classes on Monday.  Thank you for all of your prayers. 

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