Gathering Graces 8/26/2017

*As part of our celebration of National Dog Day, three of our furry friends, Sadie, Toby and Benjamin had appointments to see the veterinarian this morning for their annual checkups.  Right before we left for the vet, Paul had taken Sadie out front and she keeled over.  But all is well.  Possibly her trachea collapsed (which they can do in Pomeranians), and when she was checked out, all was good....except her teeth.  She is scheduled to have doggy dental in a couple of weeks.  And she does have a bit of arthritis in her knees, so she will be start getting some glucosomine treats each day.
*Toby was good overall, except, as I suspected, he has diabetes.  We will call Dr. Cook on Monday and see what treatment they will do for him.  He also has some arthritis and a dry coat, so fish oil and glucosamine for Toby as well.
*The oldest animal of the three, Benjamin, is doing the best.  She really has no major problems at all. 
*Paul and I headed to Coeur d’Alene to do some “back to school” shopping.  We headed to the mall and successfully found some clothes and shoes.  I also ran into Christina at the mall, and had a visit with her.  I found out she is able to come to my house Monday night for our CMG dinner, and was excited to hear about that!!  Fisherman’s Market was the choice for lunch.  Paul had the two piece cod fish and chips, and I had the small oysters.  Yum, yum!!  I dropped Paul off at Staples so he could purchase supplies for his classroom, and I headed to Fred Meyer to buy some things.  Then we headed home.  (Today I got my afternoon nap sleeping in the car on the ride home.)
*The day before we had picked cucumbers and tomatoes out of Mom’s garden.  I cut up the cucumbers and tomatoes and some basil from my garden, and put some olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and stevia on the veggies, and served them with some mozzarella cheese.  Boy did that hit the spot.  Again, such a lovely night outside.  I often think our backyard is it’s own little ecosystem, because of the menagerie of critters we have living there.  Besides our dog, three cats, and two bunnies (who are soon to depart us after a summer of babysitting, and will return to Molly and Travis in Moscow), we also have the large variety of birds who visit us, Mr. Toad who lives in one of the window wells, and also Mr. Bat, who we believe lives in the Linden tree.  Each night just as it is getting dark, he starts circling around in the sky.  We love that Mr. Bat eats the bugs, but he does like to dive bomb us if we are on the far side of the yard, so once the sun is down, we stay clear of the south end of the yard.
*With my new purchases, it was time to organize my closet.  I went through some of the clothes I brought over from Mom’s house, I hung up new clothes, and went through the big bag of hangers I brought from Mom’s and organized them as well.  I pulled some items in my closet that I no longer wear to be donated.  It was nice getting that project done.
*Zoe called tonight, and we had a nice visit.  Cosette has had a good week, and was able to make it through the day without any of her medication, so things are looking up.  I truly believe she is doing better because of all the thoughts and prayers being sent her way.  I thank God every day for His loving care.

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